Yes, mytexashandgun.com is an approved online course provider and LTC instructor through the Texas Department of Public Safety Handgun Licensing Division. Ken Ligon, is an instructor certified under Texas GC 411.188 and GC 411.190 to administer the LTC Online Course (classroom instruction only).
For a full list of the Texas Department of Public Safety's eligibility requirements and their specific processing questions, please visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website. Texas DPS Handgun Licensing
The online education portion with mytexashandgun.com is 4-hours. The course can be taken in one session or you can stop anytime and continue later. The system will always store your progress when you click the "complete" in any topic.
After you complete the LTC Online course with us, the system will issue your LTC-101 certificate, download, print and take it to an instructor to complete your shooting training at the range: NOTE: You will pay the range instructor directly for this portion of your training.
  • Range Instruction - Basic Range Safety.
  • Range Proficiency Test - Actual demonstration of the applicant's ability to safely and proficiently use a handgun.
  • Range Instruction - Basic Range Safety.

The range instructor is not responsible for teaching you how to handle or shoot a gun. The instructor will provide 1-2 hours of basic range safety prior to your proficiency exam. If you feel that you are not ready for your range proficiency test, and you would benefit from some basic training on weapon handling and firing, please schedule additional training with an instructor (Additional range fees may apply).

Once you successfully complete:

  • The online LTC course.
  • The basic range safety training.
  • The range proficiency test.
  • Have submitted your application to the DPS.
Then you can upload your completed/signed LTC-101 certificate to the state.

After you submit your application with the DPS, then you can make a reservation for fingerprinting with IDENTOGO. Per the Texas DPS, you will not be able to get your fingerprints done at any other company, and fingerprints you may have on file with the DPS will not be transfered to the LTC program. IDENTOGO will conveniently email your fingerprints directly to the DPS for you. For more information please visit their website at IDENTOGO

The LTC-101 certificate is good for 2 years starting at the completion date of the online course. The proficiency demonstration will also need to be completed within that two years and submitted to the Texas Department of Public Safety for processing.

NOTE: You may submit your application for a License to Carry with the TX DPS either before or after you take our online license to carry course.

NOTE: Once you upload an application to the Texas DPS you will only have 90 days to complete the process with them or you may have to pay an additional application fee to them to finalize the process.

After you submit the following with the Texas Department of Public Safety:
  • DPS application.
  • Completed and fully signed LTC-101 certificate.
  • Complete your fingerprinting.
  • Have submitted your application to the DPS.

The Texas DPS will normally process your license within 60 days or before

After you submit the following with the Texas Department of Public Safety:
  • The LTC is good for 5 years.
  • Renewals are done through the Texas Department of Public Safety. The renewal application can be done online through their website or by following the instructions on their website to process the application by mail.

NOTE: Once your license expires, you will have to begin the entire LTC process again.